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Samus Aran by I-am-knot
Vision: This was given a 4.5 because mainly of the eyes, her eyes are very powerful almost to the point of psychotic. Are they red from killing all these monsters as a routine, or a blood lust of desire to kill them? her eyes are to far apart and way too big. This creates a cognitive dissonance of feeling that she is supposed to be a hunter killer, but also that she is prey and something to be hunted.

Originality: The design of the suit is fairly original from the source and has some neat tweaks and modifications with some more scientific believability. Her shoulder pads could function as dual cooling and heating by means of a heat transfer and fans to make life more bearable in hostile environs.

Technique:I gave this a 4.5 only because the gold interior is very shiny and the outer armor is very dull. Would have given it 5 if it was either all shiny or all dull. Also it makes me think that Samus could deploy her shoulder pads as sort of a remote morph ball that could use those explosives and such stuff. This idea could be expanded upon as trying to defend the remote morph ball against enemies because the ball would only have a limited number of bombs it could deploy. If the ball discovers an item it would have to carry it back to her and while carrying item the ball can't use explosives? The design also reminds me of Iron Man.

Impact: I gave this a 3 because of the eyes issue and the not full shiny or dull. The vines are a nice touch and provide a great symbolic resemblance to her character: Grounded, twisting, seeking, powerful and dangerous.


Best known nobody. EVAR!
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These are my thoughts on game enhancement and the psychology behind it.

We used to liven a golden age of game enhancers: Game genie, game shark, Action replay to name a few.
Also there used to be a plethora of enhancements that could be had whether it be by glitches in the system (Final fantasy 7 item dupe), codes you would have to put in (Konami code or Sonic stage select ), or unlockables like Banjo & Kazooie or GoldenEye 007

I remember the first game I ever enhanced was Mega Man 2, and man did it feel good to just blowing through the game like a boss and not have to worry about dying. (Infinite Energy) now the eight robot masters fell and did the first Wily bot.
Now the second wily bot is a room full of destroyable walls and the only way to destroy the walls or the boss is with a weapon that gets used up fairly quickly if you mess up. I messed up, badly. with it all used up and  2 walls and two orbs to shoot behind those walls and no way to kill self, i was trapped in a boss room with infinite energy but no means of completing the task. I though this is what hell must be like.

This is a rare occurrence in a game to be stuck because of cheats.

Then I started to think on why we were so inclined to look for ways to circumvent the natural order of things, to cheat modify or exploit weaknesses? Is that a natural inherent thing that humans are pre-programmed to seek out?

In the advent of games and gaming consoles being online it is very rare for games to be able to be exploited or cheated on. I'm NOT advocating for cheating of online multiplayer games and any that does advocate for that is a giant ass. I would like to see offline gaming be eligible for enhancements more in the vein of GoldenEye 007 or Banjo Kazooie. I also think the way of Super Mario 3D world giving an Invincibility Tanooki suit for dying too many times is more of a slap in the face than a hand up.

Then we would have to ask ourselves, why do we need the feel to cheat when the game is already good?

Answer: Sometimes it just more fun breaking the whole game and feeling invincible.

Pops in Super Mario Bros. 3 (Codes: Always invincible, run full speed)


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